About Our Board…


President - Nancee Bleistine

Nancee is Colette’s mother and works tirelessly to continue the work of her daughter started by founding CWBPIFF.

Vice President - Roxanne Phillips

Roxanne is Colette’s godmother and aunt and dedicates her time and energy to the many events that CWPIFF hosts throughout the year.

Treasurer - George Bleistine

George is Colette’s father and involved in all fundraising activities. He gives much of his free time to working with his wife, Nancee to further the work of CWBPIFF to honor their daughter.

Secretary - Julianne Curry

As a friend of Colette’s, Julianne was inspired to look for ways she could help her community. As part of CWPIFF, Julianne keeps the memory and legacy of her friend alive.

Additional Board Members:

Carol A. Bleistine

Carol C. Bleistine

John Cologero

Lisa Cologero

Beth English

Andy Gordon

Krissy McDowell

Nicole McCaffery

Matt McCarthy

Phyllis McCarthy

Danelle Marr

Christina Magdin

Christopher Magdin

Dan Rozinski

Lisa Schiavone

Fran Strauch